LGBTQIA+ students

LGBTQIA+ students

We welcome and support our LGBTQIA+ students to be themselves at College. Whilst you study you have a named Student Advisor who can offer emotional support and guidance. You can decide how much support and guidance you need or want. We value diversity and respect that all people should feel safe to be themselves.  

Sexual Orientation

Studying at college is a different environment than school and can be a more open and comfortable place for students to come out. If coming out is something that you are thinking about or worried about, please contact the named advisor to discuss the support that you might need. If you need to meet with the named Student Advisor, you are welcome to bring along another person for support.

Gender Identity and Expression

College, for some, is a comfortable and safe place to explore their gender expression. This is awesome and we want to be there to support you. If you are unsure about how to do this or would like support to explore your gender expression and want to find out how the college can support you more, then get in touch. We are also aware that this can be a difficult time, and we can signpost you to local and national organisations that can help.

Name Change

In line with Scottish Law we recognise the right of anyone to request a change of name without the requirement of official documentation as long as there is no intention to deceive or defraud anyone. If you choose to make the change to your name permanent, it is advised that you change your name officially. Any potential cost can be covered on a case-by-case basis by the Discretionary Fund.

Students changing their name and/or pronouns can make an appointment with the named Student Advisor to discuss the bespoke level of support they need throughout their time at college. These appointments are informal and can be completed over a video call, telephone or face to face, whichever suits you best and remember, you are welcome to have someone with you during these meetings.

Gender-neutral Changing Facilities

The College aims to ensure your learning environment is as inclusive as possible. For those who prefer to user gender-neutral changing facilities, they can be located at:

  • C.01.073 - this is located near the training kitchens on the first floor.
  • C.03.015 - this is located near the sports hall on the third floor. 

Please note that students can use whichever changing facility they feel most comfortable in.

College should be a safe, fund and inclusive environment for all. If you or someone you know has experienced any form of harassment, discrimination or hate, you can use the College's Report and Support platform to let us know. 

Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment

At City of Glasgow College we are committed to creating an inclusive culture for all students and staff. We are dedicated to ensuring our campuses are safe spaces for our diverse community.  We take reports of inappropriate behaviour very seriously and we encourage our community to speak out and report any instances of unwanted behaviour. 

Our online Report and Support platform provides a straightforward way to report any inappropriate behaviour whether it is gender-based violence, harassment or any other form of discrimination.

Named Contact

The named contact for our LGBTQIA+ students is Julie Lough Dennell (she/her), Student Advisor.

You can contact Julie on 0141 375 5359 or email  

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External Links

  • LGBT Youth Scotland - An organisation supporting 13-25 year old LGBT people. They also have a useful Coming Out Guide.
  • LGBT Health and Wellbeing - An organisation supporting all LGBT people including information about the LGBT Helpline.
  • Scottish Trans - An organisation working to improve gender identity and gender reassignment equality, rights and inclusion in Scotland.
  • Mermaids - A UK wide organisation that supports gender diverse children, young people and their families.
  • Galop - An organisation supporting LGBT+ people who have experienced abuse and violence.