City Attributes

City Attributes

Beyond the Qualification

City Attributes are a set of essential skills we want all our students to develop, so they are well-prepared for work or higher education. At City of Glasgow College, students gain more than just qualifications and technical skills. You'll also develop soft skills, interpersonal abilities, career management skills, and other qualities that reflect the City of Glasgow College experience. These skills are valued by employers and will help you succeed in higher education.

The City Student Attributes framework promotes independence as its core value. This is supported by four additional attributes within each main category of the framework

The four overarching City Student Attributes will support our students to be:

1. Curious

Critical Thinker / Creative / Eager / Self-Aware.

Curious is an overarching attribute at the heart of every students journey. It is important for your intellectual growth and well-being. Throughout your course you will be encouraged to develop independent attributes such as Critical Thinking, being Creative and self-aware as you progress through your learning journey.


2. Optimistic and Open

Receptive / Confident / Adaptable / Resilient.

Students should be prepared to be open to new experiences and willing to take on challenges with a positive attitude and enhance their ability to learn, grow, and adapt in a rapidly changing world. 


3. Globally Ready

Accountable / Environmentally Aware / Digitally Prepared / Active Citizen.

Our students will be prepared to understand the effects of globalisation, promote inclusiveness, interact respectfully with others and promote human rights and wellbeing.


4. Contributor

Self-Leadership / Self-Motivated / Effective Communicator / Connect and Collaborate

You will acquire the necessary skills to contribute meaningfully to your learning experience. You will learn how to engage with diverse cultures, collaborate effectively with others and actively participate in class discussions and activities.