Part-time courses

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When should I apply for a part-time course?

For part-time courses starting in 2022-23 session, applications are now open.

For part-time courses starting in August 2023 online applications will open on 18th January.

What if I can't apply online?

We can help you complete a paper application. Email

What happens when I apply?

You'll be asked to complete a simple registration process to create your account. You'll need a current email and we'll use this to contact you throughout the admissions process. Once you’ve set this up, you can:
•    View your course choices.
•    Accept or decline any offers.
For part-time courses if you meet the entry qualifications and we have places available, we'll offer you a place on the course.  

What else should I know?

We've only a limited number of places on each course and we only make offers if there are still places available. Please bear this in mind — we'll get to you as quickly as we can.

What happens next?

If you get a place on your first choice course, we’ll automatically cancel your second choice to give others a chance. If your first choice course is full, we’ll let you know and put you on the waiting list. We’ll then progress to your second choice and let you know the decision on each choice. If both your choices are full, we may offer you an alternative course. Sometimes if a course is full and you've had a successful interview we may offer you a reserve place. This means that you're top of the list if someone else drops out.

So what should I do after receiving my offer?

Once you receive an offer, you must accept or decline within two weeks. If we don’t hear from you, we’ll cancel the offer. If you want to cancel or withdraw your application, please contact

When you accept your Definite Offer you can then Pre Enrol.  Enrolment will be available from February.  You must Pre Enrol within 4 weeks of accepting your Definite Offer.  If you don't Pre Enrol we'll cancel your offer.

What if I change my mind?

If you no longer want your place or wish to change to another course area, contact us immediately. Please don't make any more applications — this may delay your progress.

How will I know if I’m not successful?

If you don’t meet the entry requirements for a course, we’ll let you know. We may offer you an alternative, or invite you for an interview to discuss your options. If you meet the requirements but don’t receive any offers, we’ll also put you in touch with our Careers Advisors, who’ll advise what to do next.

What if all my course choices are full?

If one of your course choices is full, we'll put you on the waiting list and activate your second choice. If all your course choices are full and you want to be considered for something else or need advice, please contact us.

Who should I speak to if I’m not sure about anything?

You can track the progress of your application by logging in to your college account. If you have any questions, call Student Services.

What about fees?

We will discuss funding options when you accept your offer.  If you're employed and studying a part-time course, you'll be expected to pay tuition fees and any other costs, such as exam fees. The fee is shown on the course information page.

However, some students may qualify for a part time fee grant from SAAS or an ITA through Skills Development Scotland.  If you are on a low income or receive benefits, you may get help with fees. Check our Funding Finder to see what help you're entitled to and where to get it.  

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Our admissions team are available for drop-in at Student Services or you can get in touch with us by email or phone. We're open Monday- Friday 8.45am-4.45pm.