Quality and Performance

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Our performance

Each year we report on how well our college has performed against a set of indicators established by the Scottish Funding Council. The report provides information about who studies with us and the types of qualifications they achieve. 

Lots of different people come to study at our college. Some are looking to move into work, retrain or re-skill, or to progress on to Higher Education.  The differing aspirations of learners help us interpret the performance information provided below, which is a summary of learner outcomes achieved for the academic year 2022-23.

It is important to note that during this year the College continued to be impacted by the national and regional restrictions put in place by the Scottish Government to mitigate the pandemic. These often required the College to restrict access to the campus.  Practical course delivery was particularly impacted, which has in turn impacted on the number of learners able to complete their courses. 

Customer Service Excellence

Customer Service Excellence is the Government’s national standard for public service organisations. It offers a practical framework for driving customer-focused change, placing greater emphasis on insight and satisfaction measurement. In particular, it focuses on the areas that customers have indicated are a priority for them.

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Leadership and Culture

Leadership and culture are vital if we are to deliver a quality student learning experience. Below, you'll find our Customer Care Charter, which shows our progress towards achieving our targets for standards of service:

Customer Service Reports

These reports also show how well we're achieving our standards of service targets: