Climate Week

Take action against climate change

City of Glasgow College is supporting Scotland’s Climate Week which runs from 13 to 19 September. This annual event promotes the message that, by working together, we can end Scotland’s contribution to climate change.

The College has an ambitious sustainability strategy which focuses on how to improve rather than negatively impact on the environment. Measures introduced include:

·      The college now composting its own food on site – an estimated 26 tonnes per year

·      Switching to electric vehicles resulting in a reduction of 4.01 tCO2e in emissions per year

·      Catering outlets no longer selling single use plastic bottles

·      Sourcing goods and products from ethical and sustainable suppliers

·      Achieving a target of 1.4kg waste reduction per day through recycling

·      Commitment to increased vegan and vegetarian options at its catering outlets

·      Commitment to eliminating disposable crockery and reducing meat offerings.

Play your part in supporting Scotland Climate Week:

·      Use your own cup or mug this week and avoid a 50p levy on single use cups

·      Join in the litter picking event this Friday (17 Sept) from Riverside campus


Ahead of COP26, take part in the Better Tomorrow Competition and submit your ideas on how to make the transition towards a greener and cleaner world.