Trade Union Education Centre

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City of Glasgow College provides training throughout Scotland for union representatives and members. We are committed to offering a high standard of courses where you'll achieve recognised qualifications and personal advancement. We encourage everyone to learn in a friendly environment where the facilities are designed for trade union learning. We offer flexible courses to suit the needs of reps and members.

How to Apply

  • Ask your employer for paid release from work to attend the course. Workplace representatives, shop stewards, staff representatives have a legal right to attend TUC and union-approved courses without loss of earnings, under Employment Protection and Health and Safety legislation.
  • Fill in the TUEC Application form and return to
  • Please apply early. You will be sent all the course details before the course starts. The TUC will pay your course fee. If the course start date is approaching and you haven’t had confirmation from us that the course is running, please contact us as we may not have received your application.

All Glasgow courses are taught at our Riverside Campus at 21 Thistle Street, Glasgow G5 9XB.